Santa Wanta Others The Do’s and Don’ts in CBD Labels

The Do’s and Don’ts in CBD LabelsThe Do’s and Don’ts in CBD Labels

You will want to create a unique label for your CBD products. Your logo will be on the label. Styling your logo is a personal experience for each brand. There are many options. It’s important to reflect your brand’s personality through the design choices you make. Also, it’s best for products to have some consistency across labels.

You will need to improve your labels if you want to be able to compete with some of the best CBD brands. This means that your labels must meet very high standards and provide as much information to the consumer as possible. You should include the following information on your label:

Brand Name– This is the area that takes up most of your product packaging.

The CBD Product Formula – This will let customers know the type of CBD product that they are purchasing. CBD products include CBD oil tincture and CBD gummies.

Net Quantity– This should indicate the total product that a customer will be receiving. The customer should also be able to see how much CBD they will get in a single serving. The liquid CBD forms should indicate the volume, while solid forms should indicate the weight.

Ingredients– All ingredients must be disclosed for your CBD products. This is so customers are able to avoid products that might contain allergens.

Warning Statement–While buy cbd from cbd store this warning statement will reminds consumers to keep CBD products out of reach of children and to use them with caution if they are pregnant.

Product Information– This section should include information about your product’s CBD type. It can be either full-spectrum CBD oils, broad-spectrum CBD oils, or CBD isolates. Also include batch codes, manufacture dates, and expiration dates.

Manufacturer Contact Information – This section provides your customers with contact information. You can print addresses, phone numbers, and QR codes.

Scannable bar code or QR Code– An increasing number of states require the use of a scannable QR code link, QR code bar code or web address to link to documents containing information that pertains to:

  • The batch identification number
  • The product name
  • The batch date
  • In some states, the expiration date must not exceed two (2) years after the date of manufacture.
  • The batch size
  • The total amount produced
  • The ingredients used
  • Certificate of analysis

Doesn’t have to include no matter what.

Unauthorized health claims regarding your CBD product are something you should avoid when CBD labeling. These unapproved health claims could include “Anti-Cancer CBD Oil” or “Anti-Scurvy CBD Topal”. These bizarre claims are often printed on the CBD product form.

Falsely labeling your CBD products under a different category is another thing to avoid. Some CBD product companies even sell CBD cosmetics. They market their CBD cosmetics under the name “cosmeceuticals” because they know CBD has medical benefits. This category is not recognized by the FDA, so the product is mislabeled.

To avoid any legal problems with FDA or FTC, it is important to remember all of these rules. Compliance with proper labeling practices will show your customers that you’re a trustworthy brand. Following the correct CBD labeling guidelines is key to effective marketing.

CBD Nationwide can assist you with the labeling and manufacturing of your new CBD brand.

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