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After the application

I’m impressed with the caliber of your work, I really appreciate your help. I highly recommend your firm to my friends and colleagues for future immigration issues. or you have questions about your visa application, please email the International Student Advisory Team we will respond to you as soon as possible, alternatively telephone + or you can book anappointmentto speak to an International Student Adviser.

If your application to adjust your status is approved or the consular officer approves your case, you will be issued your green card. However, if your marriage was less than two years old when approved, you will be issued a conditional 2-year green card. In order fiance visa UK to remove the conditions and enjoy all of the benefits of the typical tenyear green card, you must file an I-751 form within 90 days before the end of that initial 2year period. spouse visa is often a step along the road to a marriage-based green card.

Your attention to details and making sure that every document was in proper order and form was instrumental in making sure every document submitted was accepted on the first presentation. I really liked your prompt responses to my emails and answers to all of my questions, which I know I had many throughout the whole process. For me it was really important that I could reach my attorney and could speak to you directly without waiting hours/days for a call back.

The process of sponsoring a relative or soon-to-be spouse can be burdensome but will the help of a qualified attorney, we can help you stay on the right track.

For example, the Home Office can refuse an application simply because the applicant has a pending prosecution, or has not paid taxes to HMRC.

Always make sure that adequate evidence is provided to satisfy all the requirements of the Rules. This must be money earned in the UK and cannot include your earnings if you are outside the UK.

​The IND checks whether you and your partner meet all the conditions required for the residence permit.

This should be done at the German Foreigner’s Authority of the district in Germany where your permanent address is.

U. S. Visas

The only requirement for this green card is to have a legitimate marriage to a U. S. citizen and to be eligible for adjustment of status (meaning that you have not violated your status). Shilpa and her team were quick to respond to my needs and provide comprehensive details of process and timeline.

Team started looking into my paperwork and thorough verification before sending to visa office. i have just received our passports from the US Consulate, with the approved visa stamped. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for being there since the very beginning and helping me through out this whole process.

Dependants of students who make applications outside the UK for entry clearance for leave for more than 6 months are subject to the IHS charge. Dependants of students already present in the UK who make applications for leave to remain (extensions) are subject to the charge, even if a period of under 6 months’ leave is applied for, but this means that entitlement to free NHS treatment will continue. The cost of this charge will be £300 for each applicant and dependent per year of the actual visa to be granted, including any final extra period.

Birth in the UK does not automatically make a baby a British citizen. If your baby is born in the UK but is not a British citizen, it is quite lawful for him or her to remain in the UK without making an immigration application. However, the baby will need immigration permission to re-enter the UK after any travel abroad, and for babies born to Tier 4 students, there are limited instances when the baby can apply for immigration permission as your dependant.


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