Guinea Pigs As Pets: How to Raise Healthy, Happy Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs, originating from Peru and Bolivia, are great animals – pretty, social, however cheap and relatively simple to be mindful of. Nevertheless, most novice guinea pig owners don’t know significantly about the animals. In reality, guinea pigs, like other small rodents, are instead delicate and an condition contracted for instance by a cool draft could be fatal for them inside a really short time of time. The most common mistakes made by inexperienced guinea pig owners include the next: 10) Improper crate placement. Equally also hot or too cold weather are bad for guinea pigs. They are able to quickly get heatstroke at temperatures of above 90F (30C), but may also freeze at conditions below 70F (10C). Drafts can be avoided as properly, because they are able to trigger pneumonia.Male Guinea Pig For Sale | Live Small Pets | PetSmart

Problems when handling. The right way to grab and hold a guinea pig is by placing one hand under the body, with the thumb around a top knee, and encouraging the weight with the used under the hindquarters. A guinea pig shouldn’t be pulled by the fur or by a leg. Not trimming nails. This will be done frequently, at least monthly, since the nails develop and get in how of the guinea pig. If your extended fingernail pauses, it can lead to infections and abscesses.

Using a line mesh base cage. This is simply not recommended with guinea pigs, since their small feet get through the mesh and get agitated by the steel, creating foot blisters and an illness named bumblefoot. A great ground cage with a smooth bedding like pelleted report is significantly better. Putting a boar and a sow together without being prepared for the effects – a number of little guinea pigs. Or even neutered, guy and woman guinea pigs put together can in most likelihood mate and trigger offspring. Reproduction guinea pigs is generally perhaps not suggested if you are maybe not completely aware of the consequences.

Perhaps not creating your house guinea-pig-proof. There are many threat in an average household for a guinea pig on the loose. The absolute most apparent kinds include whatever actions – be it persons, gates, issues that may slip, or any such thing that could press a guinea pig. Another is wires – guinea pigs chew every thing in view, and electric cables are not very good food! Green flowers are still another potential risk to guinea pig wellness – a lot of them (such as ficus or azalea) cause food accumulation if chewed on.

Perhaps not washing the cage frequently and frequently enough. Guinea pigs are clear animals and experience unhappy in a filthy cage. Poor hygiene can also be often the reason for infections and various significant diseases. A guinea pig crate should be completely washed at least one time a week (better twice), with the whole
bedding renewed. Food bowls and the water tube should be cleaned daily.

Not giving enough room and exercise. A sight observed frequently is really a guinea pig hunched in the corner of a small cage, barely moving from that place all day. Combined with unrestricted dried food accessibility, this is a certain way to produce a guinea pig overweight and thus considerably reduce their lifespan. For guinea pigs, the exact same fundamental principle applies for humans – leaner is better. A healthier guinea pig must feel company to the touch, maybe not delicate and wobbly. Practices to make sure that your guinea pig is in good shape and maybe not overweight contain enough space (at least 3-4 sq.ft for an adult guinea pig), games to enjoy with, normal exploration forays not in the cage, and restricted food entry (for example, feeding twice a day).

Wrong bedding. Wood particles specifically, while really frequently employed, are not a great bedding for guinea pigs. They are able to cause base blisters, injuries to the cavies’delicate eyes, and wood dust which frequently characterizes shavings triggers respiratory (lung) problems. Some forms of wood, such as plank or redwood, also contain oily parts that could also cause allergies and diseases with guinea pigs.

Improper food. This is probably the most frequent reason for diseases and deaths among puppy guinea pigs. In particular, feeding plenty of damp veggies such as lettuce can cause diarrhea, which can be life-threatening for a guinea pig within a couple of days. Inadequate access to water (for example, disappointment to recognize that the seriousness water bottle’s ball was caught and the guinea pig can not drink enough) contributes to dehydration and is also rather dangerous. Giving water in open bowls in place of a bottle may result in contamination with droppings and bedding substance and different attacks as a result.

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